Jun 22, 2021


I worked for Robert and he is someone that not only integrates well with his team but also has the skills to see the big picture. He is someone that is dependable and delivers the required results. His strong technical and sales acumen move strongly across both with ease. Robert is a difference-maker and his ability to bring disparate organizations together among complex decision-making is unparalleled. I have had the pleasure of working with Robert on several transformational projects and continue to be amazed by Robert’s work, spirit, intellectual capacity, and collaboration skills. From a management perspective, Robert gave his team the freedom to do their own jobs. Too frequently, it is easy to micromanage when pressure comes down from above. Robert though had respect for his team and let them execute their strategy. He did not dictate what needed to be done and how it should be done. He actually listened to the team and worked through challenges with them.