The company began to see increases in sales and close rates.The overall impact was a 21% increase in sales
within a six month period.

“Sales Xceleration was able to completely revamp our sales structure and process that led to a quick change in leads and closed sales.”

Executive Summary

After a technology software company, in business for 15 years, had stagnant sales for three consecutive years, the owner knew they needed help from a seasoned Sales Consultant. The company, self-admittedly, never had a sales leader to manage reps, nor did they have all the necessary sales processes or accountability metrics in place.


  • No Solid Sales Value Proposition
  • No Sales Team Leadership
  • No Set Sales Processes or Accountability
  • Stagnant Sales for Three Years
  • Lack of Inside Sales Calls / Leads
  • Revenue Stream Was Unstable

We devised systematic steps to help solve the

  • Created a Sales Value Proposition
  • Developed a Two Year Business Plan & Sales Projection
  • Defined a Speci!c Sales Process
  • Designed and Implemented a Scorecard for Sales Team Accountability
  • Hired Two New Sales Reps
  • Developed an Onboarding Process
  • Designed a Sales Training Program
The Result

What changed afterwards…

  • 28% Increase in Inside Sales Leads
  • 32% Increase in Initial Client Meetings
  • 40% Increase on Close Rates
  • 21% Increase in Sales

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