Revenue increased by 20% and sales costs were reduced by 35%

Sales Xceleration came in and developed a new plan for the organization, which created a positive work environment through refined sales process and key personnel changes.

Executive Summary

The sales and employees of a privately-held company in the banking industry were not performing as well as forecasted. There was not a defined sales process, leading to lack of direction and employee conflict. The owner knew these issues needed to be resolved, but it was not her expertise, which is when a Sales Xceleration consultant was brought in to help.


  • Sales team would not follow the owner’s direction
  • #1 revenue-producing salesperson caused a great deal of conflict, runining morale
  • Sales team did not work effectively with other departments

We devised systematic steps to help solve the

  • Terminated 5 non-performing sales people, including the #1 revenue-producing salesperson
  • Hired two salespeople that were a better fit for sales expectations and company culture
  • Redefined sales process, which led to clearly understood actions by all departments
  • Instituted a new sales process that required each department to document and approve their deliverables
  • Conducted weekly one-on-one sales meetings with sales representatives
  • Created sales metrics and forecasting model to improve visibility and accountability
  • Developed new compensation plans that incented behaviour the Owner was seeking
The Result

What changed afterwards…

  • Revenue increased by 20% with a much smaller sales team
  • Sales costs were reduced by 35%
  • The organization now only processes deals that are consistent with its capabilitites
  • Turned a reactive culture into a proactive one
  • Owner no longer feels like a “firefighter” and enjoys leading an organization with a postive culture

Client Overview

Starting Revenue: $8

Million Ending Revenue: Not Disclosed – Increased by 20%

Staff Members: 15

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