The Big Win Grew revenue more than 100%.

“I have gotten more from Sales Xceleration’s Fractional Sales Leader for our organization than I have ever gotten from a full-time sales leader.” – Eric Turiansky, President, CI-Group

Executive Summary

In business for thirty-five years with fifty employees, a full-service marketing agency of services, branded merchandise, and warehouse and fulfillment was looking for new ways to
grow sales. The company opted to use a Sales Consultant as an Outsourced VP of Sales to find
new ways to grow sales, add new logo clients, and hold their team accountable for achieving goals.


  • Slow revenue growth
  • Unclear on how to expand client base
  • Struggling to achieve financial goals
  • Lack of strategy on how to sell newly secured sources of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We devised systematic steps to help solve the

  • Built an accurate forecast
  • Created clear lines of accountability
  • Reengineered sales comp plans
  • Established an effective sales management cadence
  • Created a strategy for selling PPE at the institutional level during COVID-19
  • Eliminated unproductive sales executives
  • Grew the sales team with high-quality talent
  • Included sales in executive team meetings & strategy sessions
The Result

What changed afterwards…

  • Achieved 2020 forecast
  • Generated additional revenue by expanding offering
  • Gained new clients
  • Grew revenue > 100%
  • Implemented a strategy and process to drive additional growth in 2021

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