Sales profitability improved by 8% and total forecasted revenue increased by 30%

Sales Xceleration was able to add value in many areas to allow our company to become more of a sales organization, not just a company that sells.

Executive Summary

A $12 million branded promotional product marketing company, in business for 15 years,
wanted to fully develop their sales structure and process. There had been three di!erent VPs of Sales in place, and the frequently changing Sales Leadership was making it di"cult to establish
consistency in their sales process. They decided to hire an experienced Sales Consultant to get their sales structure and processes in place, so they could attract a high-quality Sales Leader.


  • Lack of a solid value proposition for their company and products.
  • No visibility to a sales process or adherence to the process.
  • No program in place for onboarding.
  • No sales playbook or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual.
  • Lack of market focus.

We devised systematic steps to help solve the

  • Created a sales structure understood by the entire sales team.
  • Developed a clearly de#ned, repeatable sales process.
  • Defined key objectives at each sales stage.
  • Hired a VP of Sales.
  • Successfully integrated the new Sales Leader into the company.
The Result

What changed afterwards…

  • Improved sales team morale.
  • Identified clients that were “loss leaders” and eliminated them.
  • Developed a new CRM process.
  • Increased forecasting accuracy through implementing a defined sales process.

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