Built a $2.2M pipeline and 150+ new sales opportunities in one year

The owner now has overall confidence that within the next 24-36 months the new sales organization will generate 50% of company sales. He feels like the sales organization has been built for sustainability and growth.

Executive Summary

The owner of a marketing company, in business for 14 years, knew he needed help from a sales consultant because he was the sole generator of revenue. He needed help evaluating processes and employees, as well as developing a hiring process.


  • Owner was generating all revenue
  • Had one sales rep who was not performing
  • Hiring process for sales reps was not finding the right candidates
  • No developed sales process was resulting in inadequate or no sales opportunities

We devised systematic steps to help solve the

  • Developed sales strategy and created a company play-book outlining product definitions, markets, buyer personas, sales plays, and sales processes
  • Established a full sales process from lead generation to client on-boarding
  • Replaced and installed a new CRM system
  • Removed existing sales rep and hired four new sales leaders to cover the US
  • Conducted weekly sales team meetings and one-on-one meetings
The Result

What changed afterwards…

  • Accomplished a 52% close rate on client proposals and delivered $350,000 in new revenue.
  • Created positive work environment where the sale process was understood and followed leading to transparency and confidence of the company leaders.
  • The owner no longer feels the weight of revenue generation solely on his shoulders.

Client Overview

Starting Revenue: $5 Million

Ending Revenue: $6.5 Million

Staff Members: 16

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