What is Recharge Sales Plan and why you may need it?

Recharge Sales plan is a comprehensive sales plan that provides you with all the tools needed to build the appropriate sales infrastructure, effectively manage your sales team and hire the right salespeople.

Why do our clients choose to move forward with the Recharge Sales Plan and Infrastructure?

Each of our clients want their sales organization to be better, but they often lack the experience, time and resources to do so. Regardless of the business pain, our clients are seeking help to understand the nature of the problem and how to improve.

They all experience some of the following common sales issues, are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • We have no formal sales process
  • As a business owner I am doing too many things and none of them well enough
  • What we did in the past is no longer working
  • I want to sell my business but I am getting far too low price for it
  • Too much of our revenue comes from a big customer
  • We can’t find the “right” salesperson for our company
  • Inability to take sales to the next level
  • We are growing too fast but we don’t have the eright systems or people in place
The Recharge Sales Plan and Infrastructure provides you with exactly what you need to grow your sales organization. You receive a detailed sales business plan, with prioritized action steps and recommendations on how to improve the sales performance of your organization.

Sales Strategy

  • Multi-year revenue forecast
  • Customer attrition and margin calculators
  • Sales goals and quotas
  • Updated sales organisational chart
  • Tactical Action Plan

Sales Process

  • Defined sales stages (integrated into CRM)
  • Key objectives at each sales stage
  • Requirements to move to next stage
  • Questions to ask at each sales stage
  • Job responsibilities for each team member

Sales Management

  • Customised pipeline management tools
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Sales metrics needed to achieve revenue goals
  • Implementation of customized sales force automation
  • Sales and activity templates and tools

Hiring Plan

  • Execution of sales personnel hiring
  • Job descriptions
  • Customized compensation plans
  • Commission calculators
  • One year sales person onboarding plan


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